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Since check-in day corresponded with my cover reveal date, I’m going to combine them together. After all, this is all about writing, goals, and successes, right? So what better way to reveal a cover than during a ROW80 check-in?

Without further ado, here is the ebook cover for my upcoming release, Fire Wizard, with the fabulous cover model James Magnussen! The photo was taken by Anya Kelleye of Anya Kelleye Designs, and she also designed the cover. This was a fun photo shoot, and I’ll just say, James is as sweet as he is handsome. The print cover will be coming soon.

Fire Wizard eBook

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I said in my last post I was finally finished with Fire Wizard. Now I’m in edits. It’s weird, but I’m loving this story. That never guarantees everyone else will, but I keep thinking, if I like it this much, if it entertains me even though I know what happens next, surely someone will like it. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I wrote the part I’m editing right now, so it’s almost like reading something new.

I hope I can get this published in about 3 weeks. It depends on my beta readers and also on my cover artist. Anya said this cover is kicking her butt. LOL. But that’s because she wants it to be GOOD. And when you’re dealing with FIRE….

Soon, I want to start on my mystery. I still can’t decide if I want to publish that one under another name. There are reasons I want to, but everyone already knows Lauralynn. I would have to sort of start over. I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing since I’m not selling squat right now. I guess I’ll decide after publishing Fire Wizard and seeing how that goes.

I hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!

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I’ve wanted to be an author all my life. I got sidetracked for awhile, but I finally embraced the self-publishing, and then ebooks. But what to do for my covers? So my bestie, Anya, started playing around with Microsoft Word and created covers for three of my first books. She’s a very creative person and always has been. When it looked like I was in this author thing for the long haul, she purchased a program called CorelDraw so she could make more professional covers. The first ones she produced with this program were pretty good, but we both agree we might change them when she has the time. She’s asked me if I want to change the covers of Club Blood and See Me that she made with Word, but I still really love those covers.

So now, her career has really taken off better than mine. She’s been contacted by several authors to do covers, business cards, bookmarks, posters, FB banners, etc. This just shows what happens sometimes when you’re a genuinely NICE person. She started all this to help me. I had to MAKE her start charging me for covers. So now, because of something really nice she did, the good karma is coming around. Am I jealous? Heck, yeah! LOL, no, not really. I wish for my bestie all the blessings in the world. She deserves to have this career. Her day job is driving her crazy (at least I LIKE mine), and she needs out of there so she can let loose her creativity. Right now, she works well into the night sometimes, just to get everything done. And she puts up with me wanting to change this and change that until my cover is the way I want it. I’m probably her pickiest author.

Anya, you are the best. I’m so happy that you’ve put yourself out there and got some awesome authors to put their covers in your hands. And if any of you are looking for a cover artist, Anya’s prices are very reasonable. Check it out! PRICING

Pssst! Anya didn’t know I was going to do this post. Don’t tell her, okay?

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The two things mentioned in my title have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I was going to just blog about my cover artist, but I’m so frustrated this morning that I had to mention what I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog. For my ROW80 friends who use Blogspot, I’m very, very sorry I can’t comment on your blogs. Some of you sometimes comment on mine, and I really want to reciprocate, but I just can’t get my comments to go through. This doesn’t happen with EVERY blog on Blogspot, but it’s happening on more and more of them. So please don’t think I’m ignoring you on purpose. Your blog just doesn’t like me. 😦

Now on to my cover artist, Anya Kelleye. I’ve never really acknowledged on this blog how much I love and appreciate her. She is the most patient and understanding person I know, and she really has to be when I’m being really picky about my covers. There have been times when I’ve asked her to do things over and over until it was to my liking. Some of my remarks have been things like: “He’s (or she’s) showing too much skin, cover it up.” “Those boots are so ugly, can you cover them up?” “Their faces look too stretched out, can you fix it?” “You know, I don’t like that road on there, can you just take it out?”(after she had worked and worked on getting that right) These are the things she has to put up with from me. And I know she has some more picky authors that make her change things a lot. And she does all this for such a reasonable price. She’s done my covers from the beginning, and I’ve seen her get better and better. She’s gotten better software, better hardware, and her covers keep improving. I’ve thought about letting her go back and change my first two covers, but I kind of like them. I’m leaving them as they are. 🙂

Anyway, if you ever need a cover artist who is patient, will work with you until the cover is to your satisfaction, and is very reasonably priced, check her out at Anya Kelleye Designs. You can view all of her book covers on her site.

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