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My tentative date for e-publishing Soul of a Vampire is Thursday, October 4. That’s one week from today. Notice I said “tentative”. It seems like something happens most of the time when an author sets a particular date for publishing. There are some issues pointed out by beta readers that I need to tend to. I have to decide which suggestions I want to take and which ones I disagree with. I usually agree with most of them. The funny thing is, my two main beta readers didn’t have issues with the same things. (This doesn’t count simple typos, which they both might have caught.) There was only one sentence in the entire manuscript that they BOTH thought should be changed…and they each changed them slightly differently. There was a phrase they thought should be put in a different part of the sentence, but they put them in different places! What I DO know is that both of their sentences sounded better than mine did. LOL The point I’m trying to make in such a long-winded way is how important it is to have more than one beta reader.

I’ll probably do a giveaway with free ebooks and swag not long after SoaV is published. It depends on when the “swag” is ready. LOL. ALSO…I’m planning a Halloween giveaway mid to late October featuring my book, The Gnome, and the grand prize is totally cute. At least I think so. 🙂

That’s all for now. Most of you have been awfully silent the last few days. Where are my people? LOL


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I decided I wanted to put my books up on All Romance Ebooks. So I downloaded calibre so I could convert to as many formats as possible. It looked like everything was going great, but when I opened up the epub file, all my apostrophes were black rectangles. Not to mention, the first page was my cover and it was all stretched out (that might just be a viewing problem…will have to look into it further). The mobi format did the same thing with my apostrophes and it lost my page breaks. The pdb format changed my double quotes to rectangles and my apostrophes to question marks. All the formats lost my chapter heading centering. Ditto with the RB format.

This is one more reason why it’s so hard and frustrating to have a full time job and try to write. I tried to do all of this during my lunch hour, and that’s just not enough time to figure out all the problems. At this point, I’m almost tempted to forget about All Romance. But, on the other hand, an author should try to get her/his books in as many venues as possible. I thought calibre was the answer to book formatting. The easiest route would be to download the different formats of my books from Smashwords. But that’s against their terms of service, and I don’t blame them for that. They spent lots of money to get our books in all those formats. And my conscience won’t let me violate those terms that I agreed to.

So I have seven books to try to convert to several different formats, and I just don’t know when I’ll have time to do it. Not to mention, where will I find time to figure out why they aren’t converting properly? I don’t usually let things get to me. I’m a very laid back, calm person who rolls with the punches. But I feel like I’ve been punched too hard this time.

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Anya Kelleye has a link to an interesting article over on her blog,

Anya Kelleye-Thinking Out Loud

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My rank on Amazon for Club Blood is back to 3 figures today. After hovering in the 1,000’s for several days, it’s back down to 686, and it’s number 11, 16, and 16 in categories. (My lowest rank was 454). I usually stay in the top 15 or so in Romantic Suspense. I can’t post my sales from Amazon because of a change in terms which was discussed on Zoe Winters’ blog. So I’ll do like she did and say that I’ve sold almost 1,000 books, but I can’t say what the sources are. June has been by far the best month. I’ve sold 5 times more books in June than in May.

I’ve got to work to be more visible on the internet. For instance, I need to figure out how to draw people to this blog. One of the reasons I don’t post much is because only a couple of people bother to even read it. I need to be more aggressive. I just haven’t figured out how yet. I’ll get there.

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