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As of last night, I was more than 2,000 words over my cumulative goal of 500 words per day. That means I could goof off for four days and not be behind. :0) But I’m not going to do that, I promise. But it does allow me to take a day off here and there in case I need to. I like to get ahead so that I won’t be behind if things happen that are beyond my control.

Also, as I stated in my last post, I put three of my books on All Romance Ebooks website (I hope to get the rest of them on this week). As of last night, I had already sold three copies. If you are thinking about doing this, you might want to check out yesterday’s post to see the mistakes I made so you won’t repeat them. LOL

I have Haunted Lake pretty much formatted the way I want it for print. I just need to change the font on the chapter headings. I found a nice little “cabin on the lake” graphic to put on the title page, so that was cool. Mostly, all I lack now is printing it out to see how it will look and going over it again to make sure there are no errors. And I’m also waiting on my cover designer, Anya Kelleye, to do the cover. She’s really busy with something else right now, but when she gets started, she’s quick. And good. :0)

How are the rest of you doing?


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I FINALLY got 3 out of my 7 titles on allromanceebooks.com. This was quite a learning curve, so I wanted to relate some of the problems I ran into. Maybe it will help someone along the line.

First, some of you may remember I was frustrated because my quotes and apostrophes were turning into weird stuff. Well, that was because in Calibre, I was converting from a pdf file. When I converted from an html file, everything looked okay except on pdb. I still had those weird black retangles, and all my formatting was shot. So I chose not to publish a pdb file until I could figure it out. Right now I have pdf, html, mobi, epub, lit, and rb.

Some other things. You have to add yourself as an author in their database before you can add books. Then when you do a search for your author name while adding books, you have to make sure you click “add” after it finds you. I messed up on that the first time. And your file names for html and pdf cannot have spaces in them (I have no idea why). I had to rename those two file types and reload them. And one big thing…when they say your cover has to be 200 x 300, they mean exactly! Some of mine turned out to be 201 x 300 when I re-sized them from the normal 600 x 900 size. It would not take the cover because of that little “1”. So save yourself some time and aggravation and make sure the cover is EXACTLY 200 x 300.

This was harder (or at least more time consuming) than either Amazon or Smashwords, but I think it was well worth it. Smashwords converts your book to all the formats, but you have to do it yourself before uploadng to All Romance. I’m going to put my other four books on soon, but I didn’t have any more time during my lunch hour. LOL. Plus a couple of the books need some formatting fixes. I love the way the All Romance website looks. It almost makes you WANT to buy something from them. That is, if you’re into romance. Anyway, this is my page in case you wanted to know what it looks like. I think many of you need to give it a shot. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. :0) Lauralynn Elliott

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I decided I wanted to put my books up on All Romance Ebooks. So I downloaded calibre so I could convert to as many formats as possible. It looked like everything was going great, but when I opened up the epub file, all my apostrophes were black rectangles. Not to mention, the first page was my cover and it was all stretched out (that might just be a viewing problem…will have to look into it further). The mobi format did the same thing with my apostrophes and it lost my page breaks. The pdb format changed my double quotes to rectangles and my apostrophes to question marks. All the formats lost my chapter heading centering. Ditto with the RB format.

This is one more reason why it’s so hard and frustrating to have a full time job and try to write. I tried to do all of this during my lunch hour, and that’s just not enough time to figure out all the problems. At this point, I’m almost tempted to forget about All Romance. But, on the other hand, an author should try to get her/his books in as many venues as possible. I thought calibre was the answer to book formatting. The easiest route would be to download the different formats of my books from Smashwords. But that’s against their terms of service, and I don’t blame them for that. They spent lots of money to get our books in all those formats. And my conscience won’t let me violate those terms that I agreed to.

So I have seven books to try to convert to several different formats, and I just don’t know when I’ll have time to do it. Not to mention, where will I find time to figure out why they aren’t converting properly? I don’t usually let things get to me. I’m a very laid back, calm person who rolls with the punches. But I feel like I’ve been punched too hard this time.

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