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I know that most of you don’t need me to tell you this. But if there are any newbies out there reading this, you may not realize the backlash that could occur from anything you say on the internet.

Back when I was ignorant of a lot of things pertaining to indie publishing (or any publishing), someone left a bad review on one of my books. This was before I acquired a thick skin about this kind of thing. Some of the things that were said were a little snarky, so it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. One of my friends jumped to my defense and replied to the review, and she said some things that I wish she hadn’t, but that started the ball rolling. Then I put in my two cents worth. I thought I was just being honest and I didn’t really realize at the time that I shouldn’t respond to bad reviews AT ALL. I thought I was pretty calm about the whole thing and the reviewer was pretty nice in her response, but it still was a bad, bad thing for me to do. Reviews are for the readers, not for authors to get defensive and respond to. Not everyone is going to like your book. Anyway, the only reason this is coming up now is because there was a response today on the comments from that review. A year later! And the person who wrote the comment felt like I was out of line, although I didn’t agree with a lot of what she said about my response. And it took all the willpower I possessed not to respond to that comment. But I took the high road and didn’t. This is just one instance of how what you say on the internet stays on the internet. I did have one review that I responded to a little more recently (although not too recently, lol) and it was because I was attacked personally. It wasn’t a true review. My author friends told me I shouldn’t even have responded to that one. I asked Amazon to take that review down and they did immediately.

So please, when you see something said about your book you don’t like, take a deep breath and forget it. I know you want to respond. It will drive you crazy not to. But don’t do it! It looks unprofessional and whiny when you respond to negative remarks. There are some reviewers who write bad reviews because they enjoy it. That’s just going to happen. And some people will simply not like your book and feel like they have to tell everyone. If you can’t handle anything negative said about your book, take Zoe Winters’ advice and don’t read your reviews. Try to stay cool and professional on the internet. Because what you say on the internet stays on the internet!


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My rank on Amazon for Club Blood is back to 3 figures today. After hovering in the 1,000’s for several days, it’s back down to 686, and it’s number 11, 16, and 16 in categories. (My lowest rank was 454). I usually stay in the top 15 or so in Romantic Suspense. I can’t post my sales from Amazon because of a change in terms which was discussed on Zoe Winters’ blog. So I’ll do like she did and say that I’ve sold almost 1,000 books, but I can’t say what the sources are. June has been by far the best month. I’ve sold 5 times more books in June than in May.

I’ve got to work to be more visible on the internet. For instance, I need to figure out how to draw people to this blog. One of the reasons I don’t post much is because only a couple of people bother to even read it. I need to be more aggressive. I just haven’t figured out how yet. I’ll get there.

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It amazes me the things people can start arguments about on blogs. Sometimes I wish comments would be turned off on some of them. Because it’s like a train wreck…I don’t want to look, but I can’t help it. So I have to read everything. LOL

I was reading about a recipe – A RECIPE – and this huge argument ensued. The recipe listed “free range eggs” as an ingredient. Someone made a joke about it, asking why they had to use free range eggs. People started getting really ugly and some of the people who believed using free range eggs was the only responsible choice said some ugly things about the ones who didn’t care. This was a recipe. I just can’t believe how mean people can get. That’s why I rarely participate in conversations like that.

The other day, someone was writing on Livejournal about racism at a “Feminist” conference. I jokingly said, “isn’t that sexist?” You know, it was funny because…racism, sexism…. Someone jumped right on me about that. I had to assure them that I was just messing with the author of the post, who is a friend. I can’t believe how you have to watch every little thing that you say on the internet, even when you’re joking. People need to lighten up!

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