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Fire Wizard Just a reminder about my recent release. *end of shameless plug*

I don’t know why I keep skipping out on my check-ins. Not to mention the fact that I’m not blogging at all aside from that. I think part of it is I used to have a better following and lots of comments, and now, not so much. So it makes me lose interest in doing it. See, I don’t blog just to get things out of my system. I blog to interact with other people. I’m not one to feel the need to keep a journal or write down my thoughts (unless it leads to fiction!). Yeah, I’m not the typical writer.

Anyway, I’ve been piddling around again, not getting much done. Using the excuse of being too busy. But I look back and see some things I could cut down on (but they’re FUN) so I can work more. I have two proofreading jobs right now, so I AM pretty busy. Anyway, I sat down last night and wrote almost 1000 words on my WIP. I’m trying to figure out how long the shero is going to hold out (she has reasons) before letting the hero back into her life. Plus, I need to get back to the murder mystery part of the story. It’s hard to balance the romance with the mystery. I’m also beginning to wonder if this is going to end up being a novella instead of a novel. I hope not. But I’m tired of trying to force a shorter work into a longer one. I generally write shorter stuff, and it’s mostly because that’s what I usually like to read. There are exceptions, of course. Anyway, I’m glad I started writing on my WIP again. I’m liking it again, so that helps.


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Anya Kelleye has a link to an interesting article over on her blog,

Anya Kelleye-Thinking Out Loud

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I finally got Starfane up on Amazon Kindle. I’ve written two novellas since I originally wrote Starfane and had them on Kindle already, but I wanted to get Starfane just right, so I waited on this one. This novel is dear to my heart for some reason. It’s a fantasy romance with all kinds of different creatures in it. My novella, Club Blood, is outselling my other books like crazy, but I think it’s simply the love of vampires that’s going on right now. But Starfane, in my opinion, is much better than anything else I’ve ever written. It doesn’t appear to be very deep in the first few chapters, but it gets more and more intense with every page. The characters are like old friends. I hope readers give this one a chance.

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