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What do you mean, it’s October? LOL Where does the time go? I’m loving our fall weather after so much HEAT this summer. So here’s what’s going on:

Writing: I’m still in the midst of editing Soul of a Vampire. My hopeful publishing date was Oct. 4, but I had completely forgotten about our revival at church. Plus, I’ll be in Tallahassee Fri-Sun for a work trip. If I can swing it, I might get it done by the 4th (isn’t that tomorrow?), but we’ll see. Also, I haven’t started on my next WIP yet because of the aforementioned revival. I will probably start on Thursday.

Health: I’ve been faithful in my workouts so far. I’m very, very sore. I’m still working on the eating habits, but I did leave about a third of my lunch on my plate Monday. So that’s progress.

How are the rest of you doing?

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Sometimes I just like to talk about various things. I’m diverse like that. 🙂

Today was day two at the gym. I think I might have overdone it since my arms felt all weak and shaky. But my friend here at work, who has worked out most of his life, said that’s normal. I have a feeling, though, that I won’t be able to get out of bed easily in the morning.

Does ANYBODY know if there’s a way to subscribe to comments on Blogspot? When I comment, I would love to be able to see if the blogger answered me. I noticed there was a link to “subscribe to comment (atom)”, but when I click on that, it tries to make me save a file called “default” onto my computer. Um…no. I can’t believe there’s not a way to subscribe to comments! Am I missing something?

How do you all feel about abbreviations in Twitter and other social media? Someone followed me today, and I always check tweets before following back, and this person used “u” and “2”, etc. all the time. I know it’s a good way to allow more content with the character limit, but I just can’t READ that stuff. It makes my little reader/writer heart hurt. Am I just crazy? I don’t even do this when I text. Neither does my youngest son because he can’t stand it either. LOL Maybe it’s just a weird quirk with me, but I just don’t like it.

Okay, I’m done now. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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After hearing Kait Nolan talk about New U for the Wii, I got all excited and decided to try it for myself. I only had a small snippet of time, so I did the quick workout the first time. Even that was longer than the time I had, so I had to just turn off the Wii before I was finished. Apparently, Kait is in much better shape than I am. Well, you can tell that by looking at both of us, but anyway. Just from the short workout I did, I was sweating profusely. What got me was the Sun Salutation (I think that was the one) because you have to quickly move from a standing position, downward dog, cobra, etc., so you’re going up and down a lot. My body doesn’t do up and down…yet. I even chose the option for people who never did Yoga since it had been so many years ago. At least I have good balance according to my instructor. :0)

What I’ve learned: 1) I’m in TERRIBLE shape (apparently walking on the treadmill doesn’t cut it), 2) I need to always put a floor mat down behind the balance board (my poor knees on hardwood floor!), and 3) I’m going to get in shape or die trying (I’m hoping for the former).

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