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Hey, it’s the Fourth of July! Which makes me wonder if anyone will even be sitting at their computer reading this. LOL

What I’ve done toward my goals this week:

1. Word count: Mon-874, Tues-1,464. Although my goals are time, not words, I still keep up with word count. I can’t help myself. But I’ve found that when I started setting aside a time instead of shooting for a certain number of words, I actually end up writing MORE words.

2. I’ve proofed the first novella in the Libby Fox trilogy. Only two more to go, and the collection will be ready to format for print. I can’t BELIEVE how many times I used the word “that”. I know I don’t do it much anymore, but I must have “reformed” after writing the first in the trilogy. LOL

3. Exercise – not so much. I was doing well until it got so hot. It’s starting to cool down just a bit…mid 90’s…so I’ll probably go back to walking and riding my back on Thursday.


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