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I’m a really, really easy-going person. I rarely let things bother me, but there are some things that just push my buttons. Here’s one of them.

I get really ticked when I get email from somewhere saying I can enter to win something (These are emails I subscribe to. This particular one was a pizza place.), and when I read the email or click on a link, I find that I have to go to their FACEBOOK PAGE to enter the sweepstakes. Grrrr. I don’t like Facebook. There’s too much junk on there. If you’re going to offer to enter me into a sweepstakes, why can’t you let me do it from your website? I like websites. They are shiny and pretty. FB is not. People are depending more and more on social networking sites instead of dressing up their website and making it user friendly. I get the social network thing, I really do. But it’s so time consuming to have to go to all these different places. I’m so busy! Make it easy for me. Link to your site and give me an easy way to enter. Don’t make me go to FB, sign in, then have to go to a place where it makes me “allow access” (that always makes me nervous), and THEN I can enter.

I know many of you probably love FB and don’t understand my problem with it. (My mother loves to use it to keep up with family.) That’s okay, we can disagree. I like Twitter, and many of you probably don’t. I just think companies are depending on social networks too much, and I just want to go to their sites. I want things to be EASY and QUICK so I can get on with my writing.


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