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Many of you know I’m really struggling to find three riddles for the challenges my two main characters have to face. Now I’m struggling with the location. I’ve known all along that I was going to have to decide where they were going to have to travel to obtain the “object” they have to have. The whole time I was writing this book, I’ve been trying to decide where to have them go. Here’s my dilemma. Should I use a real place or should I make one up? I was going to “pretend” there was another little island past Bermuda, but my husband asked me “What if someone checks to see if it’s a real place?”. But why does it have to be? Authors make up places all the time. Why CAN’T there be an island past Bermuda? What do you guys think? Is it okay to make up islands?

As far as the riddles go, I’m about to go crazy. I’ve even looked on riddle sites to see if there’s something I can adapt to challenges. But most of the riddles are silly or simply won’t work. I’m to the point where I’ll offer to acknowledge someone in the front of my book if they can help me with the riddles. LOL.

My writing of this story is about to stall because I’m getting close to the point where I need the riddles/challenges. Maybe I’ll dream something tonight. 🙂


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