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I don’t know what possesses a person to just drop off unwanted animals out in the country, hoping somebody will take care of the animal THEY weren’t willing to take care off. And, of course, I live in a rural area, so now I’ve acquired a new puppy. I guess we’re going to keep her because I don’t know what else to do. If we take her to a shelter, she could be euthanized. And our ARK (no kill shelter) is always full. And this puppy is so CUTE. My son has already named her Daisy Duke and calling her Daisy (sorry, Kait, I didn’t mean to have a dog with the same name as yours). When she first came a few days ago, she would bark at my dog, Chipper (who is 12 years old and doesn’t need that stress, LOL) like she was going to eat him up. I think they’ve finally made peace, though. A sad thing is that when this skittish little dog finally let me pet her, she lay on the deck with her front legs stretched out and her head tucked between them as if she were saying “ok, you can beat me now”. I almost cried. Was she mistreated before or was she just scared? I tried to get a picture of this cute little thing last night, but it was too dark. I’ll try to get something to post later. I have no idea how old she is, so I don’t how long it will be before we’ll have to have her spayed. My husband said she looks like she’s three or four months old. I’m thinking at LEAST that, maybe a little older. She has big paws, so she’s probably going to be big. She’s all one color, sort of a light brown. She has floppy ears. I have NO idea what kind she is. I’m already going to have to pay to have my male cat neutered in a few months, so adding cost for another animal isn’t making me happy. But what’s the alternative? I guess we have a new pet to add to our menagerie. So now we have two dogs and two cats. At least that pesky rooster that was coming to our house is gone. LOL


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