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While writing my WIP, I’ve found that the biggest problem I have is with time. For instance, if something happens on Friday, I have trouble remembering the next day is Saturday. Or I’ll have two Saturdays in a row. Stuff like that. Because I get so focused on the actual story, I forget about those things. Another thing is time of day. I had a scene in The Gnome where someone’s hair was shining in the parking lot lights. But it was daytime. In my defense, I had changed some things around, and the original scene had been at night. I just forgot to fix that. A beta reader caught it. That’s why we NEED beta readers. And two of mine are great editors, too. What made me even write this post is that I just had to cut part of a scene out because a vampire that is supposed to only be out at night came upon two women having a picnic in broad daylight. I liked the scene because one of the women is his potential love interest, and he caught her and her friend being silly and they had been talking about him. So I had to either cut that part of the scene or change the picnic to nighttime. It was easier and more logical to cut it.

Does anyone else out there ever have problems with time, or is it just me? I want to know.


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