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Sunday Update 6/17/12

Whew, am I glad Vacation Bible School is over. I love the kids, but it wears me out! I haven’t exercised like I should because of the time factor, plus I just wanted to flop on the couch after VBS. I hope to get my bike rack back on my car this week and do some riding. I have improved my eating habits, though. I’m still doing pretty well at stopping when I’m satisfied and leaving food on my plate. I lost the two lbs. I gained while on vacation, and it looks like I might have lost another lb. besides that. I can’t tell because I weighed Saturday after eating both breakfast and lunch, and I usually weigh in the mornings before eating.

On the writing front, I only wrote three days last week, but it’s a lot more than I’ve been writing. Monday-714, Tuesday-901, Saturday-1725. Even though I didn’t write every day, I wrote a lot of words on Saturday, so that kind of makes up for it. If you take my old 500 words per day goal, I wrote about 6 1/2 days worth in 3 days. LOL

My new puppy, Daisy and my old dog, Chipper are getting along better. Daisy still barks at everything, especially the kittens. The kittens are still running through the house like maniacs when I let them in to play. They’ve knocked over my digital picture frame about a dozen times. As fun as kittens are, I really prefer grown cats. I can cuddle them and hold them in my lap. Kittens are too busy to fool with that foolishness. Ha ha.


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