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It’s been kind of a weird week. I took a break from writing (and most everything else) for a week because I really, really needed it. I started back on Tuesday, but I’ve only been writing every other day. On the days I have written, though, I’ve written more than my usual word count. My cumulative goal is 500 words per day. This is how it went: Tuesday-1220, Thursday-1384, Saturday-1312. So since I started back on Tuesday, I’ve written an average of about 783 per day. Not too shabby. Also, I started my Christian romance on Thursday and wrote 579 words that day and 980 on Friday. That story seems to be going well. I’m going to stick to my guns about only writing that one on my lunch hour at work so I can keep it separate from what I’m writing at home.

On the proofing, exercising, and housekeeping front…well, I’ve not done so well. It seems like the devil is out to get me on the exercise. Every time I plan on walking on the treadmill, I get an awful pain in my foot. It’s not always the same foot, either. It’s very strange.

I hope I’ll get around to visiting some of your blogs today and tomorrow. I took a break from that, too, and I really miss it.


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