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I missed the check in yesterday because I was on the road. I’ve been on a business trip at the Inn on the Biltmore and have had almost no computer time. Anyway, here’s the dirty truth.

I’ve just stopped. I’ve stopped writing, stopped exercising, stopped proofreading, stopped commenting on other people’s blog. Now, before you start worrying about me…I promise this is temporary. I just needed to take a break. I’ve had some really rough days at work where I came home exhausted. Then I left on the business trip Friday morning, knowing that I still had a lot of work to do and that it would be here when I got back. I don’t know when I’ll pick things back up, but I’m shooting for Tuesday (tomorrow). I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight, and I don’t want to be stressed there, so I’m waiting until things get back to normal.

I’ve really missed checking in with everybody. I may try to stop by a few places today and tomorrow and get caught back up with my online friends. Thanks for understanding!

Tomorrow, I’m planning on writing a post about something odd that happened to me at the Biltmore house. It was kind of strange for a skeptic like me!


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