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The year 2011 was a good one for me. I published three novellas, one novel (I keep forgetting about this because I actually wrote this in 2010), and made some pretty good money. I didn’t make every single goal I tried for (especially in the weight loss area), but I’m not disappointed in the writing goals I met.

My goals for 2012, Round One:

1. Finish a novel I started last year by writing an average of at least 500 words per day.
2. Work 30 minutes a day on proofing and formatting three novellas that I’m combining in a print collection. (The three novellas are available individually as ebooks.)
3. Exercise (aerobic and/or weight lifting) at least 30 minutes, three days a week. At some point, I hope to revise this goal to include more, but I want to start small so I won’t get discouraged.
4. Work on at least one house cleaning related chore per day, more on Saturdays. It’s not fair that my husband does the lion’s share of the house cleaning. This is a big guilt trip for me.

Those are my goals for Round One. I have a few more personal goals, too, but they are religious in nature, and I don’t really want to state them here. I hope everyone has a great year in 2012 with lots of success. I’ll try to get around to as many ROW80 blogs as possible to give a little encouragement. And I’m always here if anyone needs to vent or has any questions about my experiences in the last couple of years. Good lucky, everyone!


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