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It’s been an interesting week. The heat continues to assault us here in East Tennessee. We will get some relief, I think, starting Sunday or Monday. The kittens are growing and actually aren’t getting into trouble in the house as much as they used to. Writing is going VERY well. Life is good. Here are some things relating to my goals.

1. Writing: Even though I don’t set word counts, but time goals, I like to keep up with word count. Mon-874, Tues-1464, Wed-91, Thurs-1474, Fri-0, Sat-2588. Look at that Saturday count! I don’t know if I’ve ever written that much at one time, but I was really loving my scenes!

2. Proofing: The proofing of Vampires’ Curse for print is going slow and steady. It should be ready by the end of the week.

3. Health: Exercise has been a no go all week, except for Saturday. It’s been too hot (I don’t even want to be outside when it’s over 100 degrees) to walk or bike, and I just haven’t gotten on the treadmill, except for about 45 minutes on Saturday. But, hey, that’s a little exercise. Also, my whole “quality instead of quantity” eating style is going pretty well. I’ve decided that eating less is better than depriving myself of good, tasty food, so that’s going to be my philosophy unless it stops working for me. I’ll keep you updated on that.

So, how are things going for the rest of you? Are you working diligently toward your goals? Let me know. I’m here for you if you ever need me!


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I can’t believe it’s actually that time again! I really meant to finish my WIP in Round 2, but those of you who’ve followed my blog know that I was a slacker. I bounced back the last couple of weeks of the round, but it was way too late. Anyway, here are my goals for Round 3.

1. Finish my WIP by writing one hour per day, five days a week (Sundays and Wednesdays are church days, so I intend to take those days off unless I’m itching to write).

2. Proof Vampires’ Curse a second time, then format it for print.

3. Exercise five days a week.

Some writers have said they only want to post writing goals on their blog, and they won’t talk about anything else, but I’m a firm believer in putting all of myself out there and connecting with people. I also believe that exercise goals HELP with writing goals.

Good luck to everyone this round, and if there’s anything I can ever do to help, please let me know! We are all about support here at ROW80!

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All during the month of July, Smashwords is having a sale! Authors are selling their books at some really good discounted prices. (Some are even free!)

You can get Vampires’ Curse and The Gnome for 50% off. Regularly $2.99 each, you can get them for only $1.50 through July 31 by using coupon code SSW50.

Here are the links.

Vampires’ Curse

The Gnome

To see all the books included in the promotion, go to smashwords.com and click on the sale link at the top left. There’s something for everyone!

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A good while back Kait Nolan called me out for not having a book page listing all my books. I promptly obeyed her command and set up such a page. I just realized today that I have published THREE books since I updated this page. *blushes in shame*. I can’t believe my mind wasn’t in a place where I think about those things. I could use the excuse of my day job, my household chores, my family, my kittens, my new puppy…. But my mind needs to be on my business, too. And I fell short. Today (yes, while I was supposed to be working!) I fixed my book page. In doing that, I also realized that Kobo had changed the URL for the books where I had links to Kobo. So if any of you have links to your books on your blog, please check and see if those links are still good, especially on Kobo.

I still have one glitch on my book page. After I inserted Vampires’ Curse after the individual Libby Fox novellas, My Haunted Lake cover picture is askew. Every cover is supposed to be left adjusted, but Haunted Lake is sticking out, farther to the right, like a sore thumb. I’ve looked and looked at the html on Vampires’ Curse, and I can’t find the problem. I experimented and inserted it in a different place, and Haunted Lake was fixed, but the book after Vampires’ Curse was then affected. So it has to have something to do with Vampires’ Curse. I reinserted the cover image, and I reinserted the Kobo link (since it’s the last thing), but to no avail. I can’t find ANYTHING wrong with the html. Grrrrrrrr.

So, do any of you drop the ball on things like this? I hope I don’t do this again. As soon as my next book is published, I need to get it on my book page!

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When Kait, Susan, and I were together a few weeks ago, I was complaining because my back list was selling better than my Libby Fox novellas, which were newer. Books that I know aren’t as good as the Libby Fox series were selling better. Kait suggested that I compile the three novellas into one book and see how that worked. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what I did. The Libby Fox novellas are now together in Vampires’ Curse. This is the first book I’ve ever uploaded with the $2.99 price. It’s still less expensive than buying all three novellas separately. ($1.98 savings.) The book went live on Smashwords last night and Amazon this morning. Here is the cover (yes, I love those sexy, romantic covers with Jimmy Thomas on them, so sue me) and the links. I’m curious as to how this experiment will go. I just hope that people who have already bought the three novellas make sure they read the description and don’t buy this thinking it’s a new book.

Vampires’ Curse on Amazon

Vampires’ Curse on Smashword

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