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caffè caldo e aromi

I usually don’t get a chance to relax on a Sunday morning with my coffee and my laptop. But I got up early this morning, so breakfast was made and eaten early. And here I am with a little time to kill before church. 🙂

I realized I didn’t get all my sponsor duties done last week, and I apologize for that. I had Vacation Bible School all week, plus I’m doing a beta read/edit, so I was swamped. Things have calmed down now.

Because of aforementioned VBS and beta read, I hadn’t touched my WIP for two weeks until yesterday. I’m way behind on my monthly word count, but I managed to get over 1300 words in yesterday. Since that’s 3 times the amount of daily words I need to meet my monthly goals, it helped me gain a little. So now I have to average a little over 600 words per day to meet the goal, which should be doable.

My vacation is coming up in three weeks, and I’m really looking forward to that!

I guess that’s all!


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There’s been some progress this past week. I finished the beta read and got it back to the author. I’ve made a lot of progress on my paid proofreading job, which is due the end of this month. Once that’s done, I’ll get the other proofing job started, because it’s also due by the end of the month.

Now, for my own stuff. I can’t believe it’s only nine days until my Facebook release party! That means I better get those edits done quickly! The major thing that needs to be done is adding the scene a beta reader suggested. I also got some writing done on my cozy mystery.

Okay, so here’s why I actually got some of my own writing stuff done. Kait told me I HAD to work on my own stuff for 30 minutes four days a week BEFORE I worked on anyone else’s stuff. And she sent a little animated pic of Dean Winchester watching me, so I have to do it. Kait and Dean say so.

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It looks like the release date of Soul of a Vampire is going to have to be delayed. I had forgotten about our revival, so going to church every night made editing impossible. Also, I agreed to beta read, so I felt like I should get that done first. She’s always quick to get mine done. Not to mention that I’m REALLY enjoying the story! 🙂 I’m taking my laptop with me to Tallahassee in the morning, so hopefully I can get some things done while I’m gone this weekend. I’m taking Anya with me and we’re manning a booth, hopefully selling products from my day job. Something funny…one time I was at one of these shows, and we were so idle at our booth, that I wrote almost the entire short story, The Beast in the Mirror. So I MIGHT actually do some stuff while I’m sitting idly twiddling my thumbs working.

Have any of you that use Google Chrome for your browser had any problems with PubIt? I tried to log on to check my sales last night, and the login button wouldn’t work. I thought it must be a glitch. I tried again this evening with the same results. On a whim, I went to Internet Explorer and tried from that browser. No problems! Has PubIt decided it doesn’t like Chrome? I hate it when a site only works with certain browsers!

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Soooo Sleepy!

Today was the day I was planning to change my WordPress site to reflect my domain. I had really good intentions. But it’s 1:30 PM and I am so sleepy! Here’s why:

Last night, I was at a sleepover at church. We had 15 young people from age 3 to age 20. And 5 adults. We did all kinds of fun activities while munching on finger foods. The girls made necklaces. Then we were getting hair and nails done. Lots of fun! Next, we made our own personal pizzas…at 10:30 PM. That’s close to my bedtime. We had a devotion and finally got to bed about 2:30 AM. Well, I went to bed then, but no one else did. So I’m trying to sleep and there were girls running down the hall screaming at the top of their lungs. One parent who had girls told me that young girls can’t run without screaming. It’s something in their DNA. So I have no idea what time I got to sleep. I think I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep. Because we all had to get up for breakfast. I came home about 10:00 AM and immediately took a shower and planned on going to bed. But then I remembered I was supposed to be beta reading a novella for an author friend, and I was already behind. So I did as much as that as I could. Now it’s time to sleep before I have a psychotic episode. LOL. So the website will have to wait. Maybe Monday on my lunch hour???

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