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It looks like the release date of Soul of a Vampire is going to have to be delayed. I had forgotten about our revival, so going to church every night made editing impossible. Also, I agreed to beta read, so I felt like I should get that done first. She’s always quick to get mine done. Not to mention that I’m REALLY enjoying the story! 🙂 I’m taking my laptop with me to Tallahassee in the morning, so hopefully I can get some things done while I’m gone this weekend. I’m taking Anya with me and we’re manning a booth, hopefully selling products from my day job. Something funny…one time I was at one of these shows, and we were so idle at our booth, that I wrote almost the entire short story, The Beast in the Mirror. So I MIGHT actually do some stuff while I’m sitting idly twiddling my thumbs working.

Have any of you that use Google Chrome for your browser had any problems with PubIt? I tried to log on to check my sales last night, and the login button wouldn’t work. I thought it must be a glitch. I tried again this evening with the same results. On a whim, I went to Internet Explorer and tried from that browser. No problems! Has PubIt decided it doesn’t like Chrome? I hate it when a site only works with certain browsers!


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