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Hello all of my fellow ROWers, as well as those who are not ROW80ers but still loyal blog followers! I appreciate you all so much! 🙂

I’ve had a really good writing week. I hit my 5K goal for the first week since this round. I wrote 5,213 words this week. I’m really getting into this story, and I hope my momentum continues.

A word about page fright. I’ve noticed I’ve had that with the last few books I’ve written. I’ve finally figured out why I didn’t have it as much before. I’m not afraid of novellas, so when I was writing those, I wasn’t scared. It’s these full length novels that scare me. I don’t know why. I think there’s a part of me that’s always afraid I won’t be able to write enough words. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with writing novellas. My only problem with them is they’re not really long enough for a paperback. And I really like having copies of my book I can hold in my hand. And I have a few readers who still read that way. I have some more thoughts about novellas and short stories, as well as genre, but that’s for a different post.

I’m trying to revamp my website just a little bit. For my book page, I want just the covers, then a link to another page when you click on the cover. Then that page will have the blurb and the first chapter of the book. I never dreamed this would take so much time. But I think it will be better once I get it done.

Have the rest of you met your writing goals this week? If not, are you fired up for next week?


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Website Change

Well, today I took the plunge. I pointed my domain to my WordPress blog. I had been using Wix for my website, and if you like flash sites, it was a pretty good one. But it was getting really hard to maintain both the site and the blog. I didn’t even have my last two books on the site. One of the reasons I kept it was because of the contact form. I didn’t think WordPress had a contact form for a blog site (as opposed to a hosted WordPress site where you can download contact form plug-ins). But the contact form was right there on the upload/insert area. Duh me! Another upside of doing this…Wix was $49 to use your domain and WordPress was $12. Per year. That’s a no brainer. Now I’m just waiting for the name server change to go into effect so I can go into WordPress and add my domain. This can take 2-3 days. (I never understood that.)

The next step is to create my static page as advised by Kait and Susan. I hope making the static page won’t interfere with my blog subscriptions or anything. I don’t think it will. But with my luck, something will go wrong. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I hope consolidating my blog and website will streamline things a little for me. I think WordPress is easier to manage, too. I think this was the right decision. (Wix didn’t think so, LOL.)

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Soooo Sleepy!

Today was the day I was planning to change my WordPress site to reflect my domain. I had really good intentions. But it’s 1:30 PM and I am so sleepy! Here’s why:

Last night, I was at a sleepover at church. We had 15 young people from age 3 to age 20. And 5 adults. We did all kinds of fun activities while munching on finger foods. The girls made necklaces. Then we were getting hair and nails done. Lots of fun! Next, we made our own personal pizzas…at 10:30 PM. That’s close to my bedtime. We had a devotion and finally got to bed about 2:30 AM. Well, I went to bed then, but no one else did. So I’m trying to sleep and there were girls running down the hall screaming at the top of their lungs. One parent who had girls told me that young girls can’t run without screaming. It’s something in their DNA. So I have no idea what time I got to sleep. I think I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep. Because we all had to get up for breakfast. I came home about 10:00 AM and immediately took a shower and planned on going to bed. But then I remembered I was supposed to be beta reading a novella for an author friend, and I was already behind. So I did as much as that as I could. Now it’s time to sleep before I have a psychotic episode. LOL. So the website will have to wait. Maybe Monday on my lunch hour???

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