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Well, so far, my plan for the week has been adhered to. EVEN with obstacles. I had everything all planned out, workout, supper, cleaning the kitchen, reading my WIP and making notes. Then hubby comes up with “We need to watch something on the DVR”. (It’s getting full.) With an exasperated sigh, I acquiesced, stating that I had my evening all planned out, but that I would adjust things and just work a little later. Then, during an episode of Falling Skies, he FELL ASLEEP. Yeah, he really wanted to watch this with me.

Anyway, I did read my WIP and DID take notes. I wrote up a character list, which I should have already done, but I usually end up introducing characters as the story goes on, and it’s easier for me to add them to the list later. I wrote up some notes, which really means, I wrote up a list of questions, some I could answer, some I couldn’t yet.

Okay, so tonight I planned to do some rough outlining. Then I remembered I was supposed to work late tonight, trying to fix our computers. The last time I tried this, I was here until after 8:00. *head desk*
Oh well, if this doesn’t go smoothly tonight, I’m not staying that late. I hope not, anyway. Grrrrr.


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