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We got back from our trip last night. Although I enjoyed my vacation thoroughly, it was good to be home. Well, it WOULD be good to be home if our air conditioner was working. We had it set on 78 while we were gone (couldn’t turn it too high because of the cats), so when we got home, we turned it back to 75. It was 79 in the house. It pretty much STAYED 79 in the house. The air was blowing out the vents, but it wasn’t cold enough to cool the house. I hope all it needs is Freon. That is probably expensive, but not as expensive as a new heat pump. We can’t take any more big financial hits. We’ve gotten most of the hospital/doctor bills in, and there was one that looks like it involves the hospital, but not directly, that apparently wasn’t “in network”. Like we had a choice. So the out of pocket expense and deductible is MUCH higher on that bill. We’re calling the insurance company to find out WHO that bill is actually from (we don’t have the actual bill, just what the insurance company says we have to pay to a “K Beard”). We already have the bill from the hospital itself and one of the doctors who saw him there. What a mess it’s going to be. Then the air conditioner. Grrr. So right now I’m sitting here sweltering. We have all the windows open, and it’s storming.

I’m going to try to get all my sponsor duties done sometime today, visiting all the blogs I’m supposed to. I just want to say a word about that. Please, please, PLEASE make sure your blog is friendly to people who use WordPress, Blogspot, etc. I’ve tried to visit two blogs that required me to sign in with something else and set up an account. So, if your blog doesn’t recognize my WordPress credentials, I’m not going to be able to comment.


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