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I remember the days when the words just flowed out of my mind and into my fingers typing at the keyboard. I remember when I could have a novella written, edited, and published in three months. A novel, slightly longer. Where are those days? Where, I ask you?

I haven’t written since before I went on vacation. I spent last week catching up on work, dealing with a computer problem and working late one night. Yesterday, I spent all day on my house and working on Vacation Bible School stuff. And I’ll be teaching at VBS all this week, so it will be late nights for me. And I can’t write during lunch because that’s when I work out. *sigh*

Writing used to be easy. I’m wondering if this WIP is giving me more trouble because the plot is more complicated than my usual work. Am I just burnt out? Am I scared this WIP won’t be up to par? Am I just extra busy with no energy left for writing? All of the above? Only The Shadow knows. (Some of you younger people might not get that, LOL.)


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