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Actually, I don’t really have a lot to update. I hope to get back to my Thursday-Saturday writing schedule this week. My WIP has been on my mind, so I guess that’s a good sign. I almost have my office arranged the way I want it, so the writing might be easier.

Hubby is still improving. He had a really rough night a couple of days ago, his chest hurting so badly, I thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room. We were afraid another clot from his leg had detached and went to his lung. However, when he went to the dr. the next morning for his biweekly blood test, his lung x-ray was actually better. The dr. said he thought hubby had a rib out of whack and did an adjustment. He felt much better after that. Plus, he still has pleurisy from the whole lung ordeal. He REALLY wants to get back to work.

Speaking of back to work…that’s where I am, so I better get to it so I won’t get any further behind.


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