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Apparently, B & N has listened to authors’ concerns. One of the reasons I haven’t moved to Nook Press from PubIt is that you had to create a new project if you wanted to edit your manuscript, which meant you would lose all your reviews and rankings. I have a book that I know needs a couple of corrections, and I wanted to get that done before moving over. The last email I got about Nook Press says that you can now edit current books without taking them off sale. This makes me feel better.

One thing that I’m concerned about, though, is that we can no longer upload a Word document, or at least that’s what I’m understanding. We have to either create the manuscript on their site or upload an epub file. To me, creating an epub is a pain. I’ve always uploaded a Word doc to B & N, an html file to Amazon, and a Word doc to Smashwords. Epub is a little more time consuming. When I’ve had to make epub files (for All Romance), I’ve used Sigil. It also lets you create other formats.

So my questions are: How many of you have already converted to Nook Press? Has anyone used their platform to create or edit your manuscript? Any issues with Nook Press? What program do you find easiest and most effective to create epubs?

Anybody have answers?


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