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I finally got back to the gym today. I’ve been walking on the treadmill at home, so I’m starting back with weight work at the gym. I’m still experimenting on the best time to go. I’m limited on time at lunch, so I’m trying to find the least busy time. I had to wait on a machine today, and that’s the reason I stopped going to the bigger gym I used to go to. This one is pretty small, but I think it’s getting more popular. It’s inexpensive ($15 a month) with NO contract. 🙂

I went to the health food store and got some liquid vitamins/minerals. I was so tired of swallowing those two humongous pills. I looked at a couple of different kinds and then sought the advice of the girl that worked there. She actually recommended the least expensive of the two and explained why. The one she preferred was made from ALL whole food, rather than only partial whole food. Let me tell you, that is the worst tasting stuff I’ve ever taken (except maybe V-8 juice). It’s green, kind of the same color of the liquid fertilizer we sell where I work, and there’s STUFF floating around in it that wants to STAY in my mouth. But, hey, all in the name of good health, right?

So I’ll leave you with something pleasant. Here is the latest picture of Willow and Oz. Willow’s not really that fat, it’s just the angle of the camera. LOL



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