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A good word to describe this movie is “awesome”. But I’ve felt that way about all the Iron Man movies. What makes this one a little different is that it focuses on Tony Stark as a man, not just Iron Man. I’m not sure how I feel about all his anxiety attacks. They just kind of happened at random, and they were kind of unbelievable to me. Some humor was actually added to these scenes of his anxiety attacks, so that made them interesting. They did make him seem less of a self-involved jerk, although I feel like most of us could always see a little of the nice guy behind the bluster. I love Tony Stark. I love his quick wit, his self-confidence. But I always like the side of him who cares, especially how he cares for Pepper. I also am not sure how I feel about the ending. I can’t say what it is, or it would be a big spoiler for many of you, but I was kind of surprised. I hope Iron Man returns for Avengers 2. We shall see. Oh, and on a side note, I loved the character of the little boy that helped him. That was a nice touch in the movie.

So, is this my favorite of the Iron Man movies? I don’t think so. Hubby didn’t like it as well because there was too much Tony Stark and not enough Iron Man. I don’t think that’s why it’s not my favorite. I love all three movies. I just think I like the first one the most. I usually like originals better than sequels. Not always, but usually. Each movie had its good points. It’s really close, but I vote for original Iron Man.

How about you? Have you seen all three movies? Which one was your favorite?


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