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It’s 58 degrees outside. 58! We haven’t seen a temp that low in months. I think the high is supposed to be around 87. I’ll take any temp under 90! 🙂

Word count was pretty good this week. Mon-2092, Thurs-1057, Fri-890, Sat-1678. I’m getting close to the end of my WIP. Just a few more chapters. (My chapters are short.) I think I’ve figured out the riddles, thanks to Anya Kelleye and her father. The next chapter I write should involve the riddles unless I think of something else I want to insert. And I think Anya and I have agreed on a cover for it. I’m so picky, I don’t see how she puts up with me. I ended up ditching a picture she had already bought for the cover. It just didn’t work for me. Seriously, when you find a great cover artist who you can work with, you’ve found a treasure, trust me.

I finally finished final proofing on Vampires’ Curse, so as soon as I make the changes, I’ll be ready to format for print. Then I can tell Anya how many pages it is so she can finish the cover.

I got the material cut out for a blouse and the bottom layer of my skirt.

I’ve been a busy bee. I didn’t mention all the boring housework and laundry. Plus the day job. Wait…I guess I did just mention it. LOL

How was YOUR week?


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