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I totally forgot it was check in day! LOL.

I only wrote a little over 700 words on Monday because I was trying to figure out locations and riddles. I was doing RESEARCH. 🙂

Yesterday, I didn’t write at all. I came home all ready to make a nice dinner and dessert for hubby and me since he was actually working first shift this week (he’s usually on thirds). I got a text from a friend of mine saying one of her friend’s house had burned down and she needed clothing. I’m one of the few people who has a key to the church building and she needed access to our clothing room where we keep donated clothes that we give away. My first reaction was aggravation. I admit that. Hubby had to eat dinner alone, and I had to warm mine up later. And I knew I would be there awhile and probably wouldn’t get writing done. But then I started looking at things differently and was ashamed of my initial reaction. There would be other dinners with my husband. There would be other days to write. But here was someone whose house had burned down and was in need. What’s more important? My petty little aggravations or someone who needed my help? I’m almost in tears writing this. The gratitude shown by this lady in need was worth every minute I lost. And what did I lose, really? What’s important in life? The things you do or the things you DO? Does that make sense? I sit here feeling humble and blessed. I sit here annoyed at my “almost” selfishness. I sit here thankful that I did the right thing. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

That is all.


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