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I almost forgot to post today! I never miss posting on Sundays, but last week was so disrupted because of my trip to Chicago. I guess my days got mixed up. Anyway, I had a little progress this week, but not as much as I had hoped. I was sleepy all day Saturday. I just couldn’t get to all the things I wanted to do. I had no energy, and I kept falling asleep every time I started to watch something on TV. I think my body was making up for all the sleep I’m NOT getting lately (for one reason or another).

Here’s the word count: Tuesday-1096, Friday-1500. It was only two days, but the word counts were good on those days, so I’m okay with it. This book only has a few more scenes left before it’s finished. I’m still trying to figure out the love scene for the ending. I don’t think it necessarily needs the characters to have sex, but at the same time I get a little flack in reviews when my characters DON’T have sex. Whatever I decide, I’m certainly not going to tell since there are a few of you who I know will read the book. In fact, I’m not sure there necessarily has to be a steamy love scene at all, given the circumstances. See, now I’m really confusing everyone. LOL. But I’ll write what I feel when I write it.


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