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Hubby and I finally got around to watching The Hunger Games last night. I really enjoyed it. But I’m scratching my head about something. Why is everyone comparing this movie to Twilight? I’m hearing things like “this movie was so much better than Twilight” or “Katniss is a much better heroine than Bella”. But why are these two particular movies being compared in the first place? Twilight is a movie about vampires and it’s heavy on the romance. The Hunger Games is a movie about fighting to the death in a futuristic world and it’s sort of light on romance. I can only think of one thing that the movies have in common…they are both considered YA. That’s it. So I’m just kind of puzzled as to why they are being compared. I don’t get it.

As to whether or not I liked the movie, the answer would be a definite yes. It was pretty slow starting out, and hubby and I were kind of yawning over it, prepared to write it off as a movie we shouldn’t have spent money renting. But once the action started, it was pretty intense. Really brutal in places. So it’s a definite win for me.

As to whether or not I like it better than Twilight? I can’t really compare the two movies. Well, in the case of Twilight, there’s more than one movie, but I consider them all parts of a whole. If I HAD to pick, it would have to be Twilight. Mostly because it’s more my thing. Yeah, yeah, I know Bella is annoying. And Edward is controlling. But Jacob…now there’s someone that makes the movie worth watching. LOL If only Bella had made the right choice….


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