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Okay, I’ve been acting like a big baby over this. And it’s so totally out of my character, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I’m a very easy going person who lets most things kind of roll off my back, and I rarely let things get me down. I’ve had some hard days at work, so that might have added to my angst, but it’s no excuse for feeling the way I have been.

You see, I didn’t check in yesterday for ROW80 because I was hurt and discouraged. Why? Because my last post was about a Valentine’s giveaway (it runs through Saturday) for three free books, my Libby Fox series…and NO ONE requested the books. NO ONE. I had two authors drop by and say hi, but they didn’t ask for the books either. I do appreciate their comments, though. And I do realize that a lot of the people who follow my blog already have my books. I found that out when I did my birthday giveaway. But I would have thought at least one or two people would ask for the books. I noticed that there were a couple of other people giving away books and weren’t having much luck either, so maybe I’m not alone. But when I see a free book giveaway, especially when all you have to do is comment, I usually jump on that. I’m actually SELLING the books, so I guess I shouldn’t be hurt over no one wanting them for free, but it just hit me the wrong way, I guess.

Anyway, it was silly for me to get so upset over this. Really silly. And I’m sorry for that. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to even post about this; I guess I just needed the outlet. And it’s MY blog, after all. LOL. So I hope to get back on track and do a ROW80 post on Sunday. I’ll surely be back to my old happy, optimistic self by then. I guess we all have bad times every once in awhile. I was due one. 🙂


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