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If you got an email with a Christmas Memories post from my blog, and then it wasn’t there, it’s because…well, it’s really a long story. It will be back up on December 10.

Did everyone get the KDP Select email from Amazon? If anyone is thinking about this, make sure you realize that it says your title has to be EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.

AT&T U-Verse is finally available at my house! I ordered the internet today and it should be installed Monday. I didn’t do the TV part yet because I haven’t compared it to my Directv line-up to see what channels I might lose. Maybe later. But high speed internet! And I won’t have limited data usage anymore! Take THAT, Verizon! (Unfortunately, I’m still locked into Verizon for another year, but I can just use the internet card when I go on trips when I don’t have internet service.) My husband won’t complain about the lagging when he’s playing a card game with other people on Pogo. And Netflix! I can have Netflix!

I haven’t gotten even a tenth of my Christmas shopping done. And my tree has no ornaments. How about the rest of you? Ready for the holidays?


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