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ROW80 Check In 12/14

It seems like forever since I’ve posted an ROW80 update. Here’s where I am.

Starfane is now in print on CreateSpace and Amazon. I need to put a link to my paperbacks on my book page. Right now I only have my ebooks linked (and I didn’t have all of those until Kait busted me on it), and suddenly I’m like, duh, people MIGHT want the paperbacks. I have sold a few paperbacks of Haunted Lake, so that proves some people still like books in their hands.

The last novella in the Libby Fox series, Search for the Vampires’ Curse, is ready to be published. I’m also publishing a free short story, The Beast in the Mirror, on Smashwords. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put it on Amazon for .99, then tell them about a lower price so it can be free. I’m afraid someone will buy it at .99 then be mad when it goes free. We’ll see. Now that I have U-Verse internet at home, I can actually publish from there instead of trying to rush to get it done during my lunch hour at work! 🙂

In anticipation of the release of these two stories, I’m revealing the covers right now. These are designed by Anya Kelleye at Anya Kelleye Designs


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