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Home Stretch!

I’ve gotten about half of my last Libby Fox book proofed and edited. Novellas are so much easier to edit than novels! Did I really say I was going to concentrate on novels instead of novellas for awhile? Yes, yes I did. But I digress. Anyway, I hope to finish up the editing tonight, then it will be off to a couple of beta readers (one read it kind of as I wrote it). I hope to have this ready to publish in a couple of weeks.

I got my print proof of Starfane back. CreateSpace is so fast! I had the proof about three days after I ordered it. It all looks good to me, so I approved it and it’s already for sale on its on page on CreateSpace. It should be available at Amazon within a week.

Next on the printing front is a compilation of three of my earlier novellas, Club Blood, See Me, and Guardian Vampire. I jokingly told everyone I should call it “Loving the Dead and the Undead”, since there are two vampire stories and a ghost story. Surprisingly, a BUNCH of people actually liked the title. So I might use that. 🙂

How is everyone else? Are the holidays making you crazy while you’re trying to write?


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