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I check my book sales every day and keep a spreadsheet. I always count “yesterday’s sales” because those should always be closed by the next day. On December 1 I checked the sales for Nov. 30 and added them to my spreadsheet. The next day they were gone! Then, on December 2, I checked sales for December 1 and recorded them on my spreadsheet. Today, I’m showing NO sales for December 1! Once again, they disappeared! Are we going to have the same repeat as last year when sales were disappearing? What is UP with B and N?

On a brighter note. We built our house in 1999 and still didn’t have any kind of picture on the wall behind our dining room table. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but when I got back from Disney, my husband had bought us a new dining set. So we decided we needed to finally decide on a picture for the back wall.This is the picture we bought. There’s something about it that speaks to me. It makes me want to write a story about it. 🙂


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