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the christmas card
What a crazy month! I fell so far behind on Christmas shopping, but I think I have everything except for the money and gift cards I plan on giving. I keep thinking I’m probably forgetting somebody, though!

I bought the movie “The Christmas Card” this year. It’s my favorite holiday movie, and Hallmark decided to put it on their movie channel instead of their regular channel, so I couldn’t get it. Amazon had it for a great price. This movie (and other great Christmas movies) were written by my friend, Joany Kane. She’s such a great person! And she write amazing movies.

I’m still working on proofreading, so I haven’t touched my own WIP. I’m okay with that, though. I should be done fairly soon, then I can get back to it in the next round.

I’m still excited about my secret project I’m doing with another author. 🙂

That’s all, folks!

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I don’t have anything to report on my own work right now. I’m working on stuff for proofreading clients right now, and they have to come first. However, I’m very okay with this because I know I’ll get back to my WIP when I can. I actually worked pretty much an eight hour day yesterday, which shows I could actually do proofreading AND writing for a living if I quit my day job. I often wondered if I could actually put in that many hours if I was working on my own, but I’ve proven I definitely can. Of course, my boss need not worry, because it takes a long time to build up a client list, so it won’t be enough for a full time job for years, I imagine.

There’s another project in the works with another author that I’m pretty excited about. I think it’s a secret right now, but there will be more about that at a later date. It will probably be under a different pen name.

I’ve finally gotten some of my Christmas shopping done. It’s times like this when I really love Amazon. I also have ideas for a couple more people, but that will entail actually going to a store. I dread that with all my being. I went just to get some basket wrap and ribbon for fruit baskets we’re doing at church Friday after work. The traffic was HORRIBLE. The actual craft stores were almost empty, but GETTING THERE was awful.

On a really good note…books sales are up a bit. 🙂 The UK doesn’t hate me anymore.

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If you got an email with a Christmas Memories post from my blog, and then it wasn’t there, it’s because…well, it’s really a long story. It will be back up on December 10.

Did everyone get the KDP Select email from Amazon? If anyone is thinking about this, make sure you realize that it says your title has to be EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon.

AT&T U-Verse is finally available at my house! I ordered the internet today and it should be installed Monday. I didn’t do the TV part yet because I haven’t compared it to my Directv line-up to see what channels I might lose. Maybe later. But high speed internet! And I won’t have limited data usage anymore! Take THAT, Verizon! (Unfortunately, I’m still locked into Verizon for another year, but I can just use the internet card when I go on trips when I don’t have internet service.) My husband won’t complain about the lagging when he’s playing a card game with other people on Pogo. And Netflix! I can have Netflix!

I haven’t gotten even a tenth of my Christmas shopping done. And my tree has no ornaments. How about the rest of you? Ready for the holidays?

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