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As of last night, I was 580 words ahead on my word count goal and probably one chapter away from finishing my novella, which is the first in a trilogy. By next check in, I’ll be listing different goals since there will be editing and also formatting for print going on. It’s going to be hard to do goals for that, so I’ll be switching to a “time” goal instead of a “word” goal on Sunday.

On an entirely unrelated note…has anyone seen the movie “Half Light” starring Demi Moore and Hans Matheson? It’s a really dark story involving both trickery and supernatural elements. It went straight to DVD (a long time ago), and when my husband rented it for me on a whim, I loved it so much that I had to buy it. I’ve watched it multiple times. But I can’t find a single other person I know that has seen this movie. If you like dark tales where part of the mystery is left to your imagination, you might like this movie. I loved Hans Matheson in this! Demi Moore plays a writer who has had a tragedy in her life and had to get away for awhile. Hans Matheson plays…well, it’s complicated. LOL


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