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I finished up my novella last night Yay! Now the editing starts. The bad thing is that there are more problems in this story than there have been in my previous ones, at least in my opinion. There is one major problem that I see, and my friend and cover designer, Anya Kelleye also saw the same thing. I need to figure out how to fix that. There are also some characters that need fleshing out. I have a bad habit of ignoring minor characters because I don’t care about them. I’m kind of like that when I’m reading, too, so it naturally sneaks into my writing. But I’m not sure how much one needs to know about a minor character. Do readers really care about them? Does it depend on how minor they are? When there are a dozen characters in your book, how many of them need back stories? So many questions. Grrrrrr!

Anyway, the editing process begins. After that, final proofreading. I hope to have a few other eyes on this story before I take a final look. I wanted to have this published by the beginning of June, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. But, if I’m lucky, it will be done by the middle of June. By that time I’ll have my son’s wedding and my trip to NYC out of the way.


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