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This is a post that I really don’t know how to write. The last round of ROW80 was hijacked by fate when my mom had a heart attack and I had to help her out a lot. I thought that was the worst that could happen to me for awhile. Not so. At 2:00 am this morning, I got a call from my best friend’s husband. Calls at that time of morning are never good. He told me that she had passed away. My friend of 38 years was gone, just like that. She was the same age as me.

The question is…can I go on with my WIP? The answer to that is yes. Why? Because she would want me to. She would never want me to abandon my writing to sit around and grieve over her. I’ll do a lot of grieving, there’s no question of that. Right now I feel like a heavy weight is on my chest and I can barely breathe. I don’t know when the dam will break and the crying will start. I hope it doesn’t happen at church this morning, because I don’t like public displays like that. But my church family would understand.

I would ask that you all send to her family and mine prayers if you pray and good thoughts if you don’t. She was the wife of an author friend that some of you might know, but I don’t know if he’s ready to make that public yet. I would ask special prayers and thoughts for him.

To all of you that are doing ROW80, I hope that you’re doing well…and I’m still there with you.


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