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First, I want to let everyone know that Zoe Winters has her book, Save My Soul for FREE on Amazon. Here is the link: Save My Soul

Next, I want to mention that I’ve been trying to go natural with some of my skin care products. I’m not one of those people who think everything has to be organic, but I’m experimenting a little with different things. What started me finding some of these natural products on etsy.com is this blog Sparkling Reviews. I found the blog a awhile back when Mary favorably reviewed one of my books. I started following the blog. You should subscribe because there are usually giveaways related to the products reviewed, and I’ve actually won something. Most of the reviews lately have been Etsy shops. And I’ve been buying from some of the shops that have been reviewed. One of the things I love about natural skin care is that it usually smells AMAZING. And it feels so good on your skin. I’ve bought moisturizer, masks, soap, shampoo, and even eye shadow. Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops:


Okay, and a couple of “edible” shops:


I’ve placed an order for some ingredients to make my own moisturizer. I’ll let you know how THAT turns out.

In puppy news, we finally got Duke a place to run in the yard. He’s restrained but has LOTS of running room. He seems to be okay with it. I guess it’s better than being cooped up in a garage all day. And now my car can go back in the garage! Yay. And now there’s no poop in there. 😉


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The two things in the title have absolutely nothing to do with each other. LOL. First, I want to let all of you know about the Easter Egg Hunt where Zoe Winters is giving away big prizes. I won’t elaborate…go to her site and check it out! Zoe Winters’ Easter Egg Hunt

Okay, the pricing dilemma. The gnome book I wrote was supposed to be a full length novel. It didn’t turn out that way. It’s ALMOST a novel. From what I’ve been reading on different sites, you can claim a book as a novel if it’s at least 40,000 words. This book comes in at about 39,000. Yep, almost. And, really, I’m more comfortable calling something a novel if it’s closer to 50,000. My other novels are over that word count and one of them is over 60,000. So that gives me a dilemma on pricing. I was going to price this at $2.99. But should I cut a dollar off the price because of a lack of 1,000 words? And a lot of people are charging up to $5.00 for novels. I was going to charge $2.99 for novels and $1.99 for novellas, although I’m going to keep my backlist at .99. So, what to do? Should I go ahead and price this book at $2.99? I really don’t think that’s unreasonable. But will others think it is? I’m just not sure what to do. Any advice?

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I want to throw a question out to some of you who are authors. On Zoe Winters’ blog, we were talking about reviews and how crazy and mean some readers are, etc. I was going to ask this question on her blog (since there are so many more people following it), but I didn’t want to use her blog for my own ramblings. The question is, how many of you actually respond to reviews on Amazon or other places? Does it depend on what the reviewer says or how personal they get with you? I recently responded to some negative reviews, and I got responses back from two different readers. One was kind of hateful and basically said authors shouldn’t respond to negative reviews because it was like a kid trying to get a better grade from a teacher or something like that. The other reader was very nice and explained more about why he hadn’t liked the book. My whole intent was to find out why they didn’t like it. I did probably piss off the first reader because she had said that “Blind Freddy” could have seen the twist coming. I thought that was a little too sarcastic, and said something to the effect that “Blind Freddy” must be good at that sort of thing, but none of my beta readers figured it out. I was also trying to interject some humor in my comment. Didn’t work. LOL Later I thought I probably should have let all of it go. But I’m one of those people who is laid back and easy going most of the time. So when something gets to me, it REALLY gets to me. Since things usually don’t. :0)

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Zoe Winters is giving away a Kindle. Yes, you heard right, a Kindle! And maybe even two. For more details, check out her blog:


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There’s a great new site for indie authors in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genres, http://indieurbanfantasy.com. Zoe Winters is being interviewed there today, so check it out!

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