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I just wanted to do a quick post to let some of my author friends know that I’m not purposely avoiding their blogs. There are some of you who have blogs that I really, really want to comment on. But, last night (and this happens often), I couldn’t post ANYTHING on a blogspot blog. When I clicked the publish button, it would say “redirecting”, and then it would just stay on the page. On a couple of blogs, I could momentarily see the part where I’m supposed to enter the code, then it would flash back to the original page. There’s one author’s blog that will NEVER let me comment. And then some are just sporadic. I wish there was something I could do to make WordPress and Blogspot talk to each other better. I always sign in as “open id” and use my WordPress id. Should I use something different? It used to work fine. Not anymore. Also, is there any way to be notified of follow up comments on Blogspot? On WordPress, you can click the box to see other comments on a blog post. I see nothing like that on Blogspot. So when I comment on a Blogspot post, I never know whether anyone answered my comment or not. Oh how I wish these two blogging sites would communicate better! Can’t we just all get along? LOL

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Website Change

Well, today I took the plunge. I pointed my domain to my WordPress blog. I had been using Wix for my website, and if you like flash sites, it was a pretty good one. But it was getting really hard to maintain both the site and the blog. I didn’t even have my last two books on the site. One of the reasons I kept it was because of the contact form. I didn’t think WordPress had a contact form for a blog site (as opposed to a hosted WordPress site where you can download contact form plug-ins). But the contact form was right there on the upload/insert area. Duh me! Another upside of doing this…Wix was $49 to use your domain and WordPress was $12. Per year. That’s a no brainer. Now I’m just waiting for the name server change to go into effect so I can go into WordPress and add my domain. This can take 2-3 days. (I never understood that.)

The next step is to create my static page as advised by Kait and Susan. I hope making the static page won’t interfere with my blog subscriptions or anything. I don’t think it will. But with my luck, something will go wrong. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I hope consolidating my blog and website will streamline things a little for me. I think WordPress is easier to manage, too. I think this was the right decision. (Wix didn’t think so, LOL.)

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Most of you know that my mom had a heart attack and has been in the hospital. I haven’t written anything in about two weeks. And now I’m so busy at my full time job, I have been bringing work home with me. Spring is never a good time to try to do anything but my job. 😦

Anyway, I’m setting new goals. For this round, my goal is to not beat myself up over what I haven’t gotten done. For round two, one of my goals is to finish round one’s project if I didn’t get finished, then work on something new. See, I can stay positive about things!

And can I rant a little about why I dislike Blogspot (I’m sorry for those of you who use it, but…)? Anyway, I can deal with having to key in my “open id” and specify that it’s WordPress. I don’t mind keying in the captcha letters (WordPress does this, too), but I run in to constant glitches. One is that sometimes the captcha letters don’t show up until I’ve clicked “post” several times. Then, today, as a ROW80 sponsor, I tried to comment on one of the posts to give encouragement, even though my time is limited right now. And I got this crazy message that my open ID credentials could not be verified! And I had just commented on another post on Blogspot and it worked fine. I tried several times, but to no avail. Now I can’t comment on the blog that I’m supposed to be a sponsor for this week. So, for those of you who use Blogspot…do you have issues like this when you’re commenting on WordPress blogs? Or is it just the other way around?

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