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New Shoes!

Last year, I posted about some new shoes I bought. Well, I’m doing it again…I just have to show you all the shoes I bought today! Yes, I’m a shoe nut. Unfortunately, my feet are very sensitive and it’s hard to find heels that don’t kill my feet. These feel ok, and I love them! 🙂

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Another Shoe Post

Back on April 20, I wrote a post about some new shoes I had bought and included a picture. Well, I’m going to do that again. I love shoes, but I have very sensitive feet and can’t always wear the ones I really want. I was shopping with my mom Saturday and there were these shoes with ridiculously high heels that I fell in love with. I tried them on, and my feet felt fine. But I was afraid my calves were going to cramp up. LOL. And my Achilles tendon felt like it was being stretched. So I passed on them. But I thought about those shoes for two days and couldn’t get them out of my mind. I went back today at lunch, tried them on again, and bought them. :0) So here is the picture:

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Okay, so I’m doing two posts today. I never do that, but I HAD to show everyone my awesome new shoes. They might be a little over the top for some people but…. Anyway, check out my previous post if you want to see a picture.

Now, back to ROW80. I’m a little bit behind again (not too bad), but my friend wanted me to go shopping with her last night. Shopping? When was the last time I really did that? So I thought about how I had worked so hard on my books and how I deserved to use a little of that money on JUST ME. So I did. :0) Anyway, I’m moving along pretty well on the novella. Part of the beauty of being a pantser (shut up Kait and Susan, LOL) is that I was going along writing what came to me, and I suddenly thought of a perfect reason WHY what was happening was happening. I had no idea when I started writing. So sometimes I’m as surprised as the reader would be. And that’s really fun. :0)

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My new shoes. That’s all.

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