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I’m now back to work trying to recover from my weekend. Why do we always have to rest from our vacations? LOL

My son said I shouldn’t have complained about the kids making so much noise above us in the motel room. He kind of made me feel bad. I got to thinking…what if there was a reason the kids were pounding their feet across the floor like a herd of elephants. But it turned out they were UNSUPERVISED kids, and each adult thought the other one was watching them. So maybe I did them a favor. What if they got hurt in the room alone? See, that’s what I keep telling myself so I don’t sound like a total horse’s butt.

Anyway, there were fireworks…


And accordion players…


I used to be able to embed the videos in a post, but I couldn’t find that option. Maybe it’s not available on the iPad app? I’m having to use my iPad because my work computer is in the shop. I love my iPad and my iPhone, but I still prefer a computer. SO much easier.

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Hubby and I arrived in Helen a little before lunch time. Our motel room wouldn’t be ready for a couple of hours, so we parked and walked around a bit. We ended up at one of our favorite restaurants, Old Heidelberg. We had a huge pretzel, hubby had a couple of sausages (can’t remember which kind), and I had a Reuben sandwich with German potato salad. Now here’s the weird thing. Later on in the room, I was looking at reviews, and this restaurant had some bad ones. And this just proves how subjective reviews are. Hubby and I couldn’t finish our meals because of the amount of food. He had two HUGE sausages with two sides. But a couple of the bad reviews complained about the small portion sizes. Who ARE these people? The portions are BIG. That shows that what’s big for some people is small for others. That’s the same thing with our book reviews. Some will like our work and some won’t. Just a little food for thought…no pun intended. Okay, yeah, I really intended that pun. 🙂

Another thing that happened. When we got back to the room, there were people in the room above us who RAN for two straight hours. I thought they were going to come through our ceiling. I knew it had to be kids and couldn’t figure out why their parents let them do that. I finally went to the front desk to complain. It turns out, the people up there had three rooms and were regular guests at the motel. They were called and it turned out the kids were playing in that room by themselves without adult supervision. These were kids 6-8 years old. But, the noise stopped immediately. So yay!

I hope those of you who live in the USA are having a nice holiday. And everyone else, a nice weekend. 🙂

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