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I’m now back to work trying to recover from my weekend. Why do we always have to rest from our vacations? LOL

My son said I shouldn’t have complained about the kids making so much noise above us in the motel room. He kind of made me feel bad. I got to thinking…what if there was a reason the kids were pounding their feet across the floor like a herd of elephants. But it turned out they were UNSUPERVISED kids, and each adult thought the other one was watching them. So maybe I did them a favor. What if they got hurt in the room alone? See, that’s what I keep telling myself so I don’t sound like a total horse’s butt.

Anyway, there were fireworks…


And accordion players…


I used to be able to embed the videos in a post, but I couldn’t find that option. Maybe it’s not available on the iPad app? I’m having to use my iPad because my work computer is in the shop. I love my iPad and my iPhone, but I still prefer a computer. SO much easier.

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