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I’ve been reading so many indie authors lately that I’ve really neglected some of my old traditional favorites. I’m finding myself really “jonesin'” for Preston & Child. This is the kind of stuff I used to read all the time before I got hooked on paranormal romance. I need a break from PR, not only because I’ve been reading a lot of it, but also because I WRITE it. So I need to read something a little different. My favorite books by these guys are the Agent Pendergast novels. He is such an odd character, but he grows on you more and more as the series goes along. I think there’s one that I haven’t read yet (and one to come later in the year). But here’s the problem. Because they are traditionally published, the book I haven’t read is $8.99 for the ebook. Now this is lower in price than many trad authors’ books, but I’m used to paying reasonable indie prices. I usually get audiobooks from the library for trad books. So I’m wondering if I can make myself pay $8.99. I didn’t see the audiobook at the library. Another reason for waiting on the audiobook besides price is I love the atmosphere the reading of these books creates. But I NEED a Preston & Child fix now! Hmmm…maybe I should download the audio version….

So who else likes Preston & Child? I know Andrew Mocete is a fan like me! Anyone else? Does anyone else have eclectic reading tastes like I do, or do you stick to one genre? Tell me!

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Okay, I’ve been really, really lazy since I finished Round Three early. I should have been writing down notes for my next Libby Fox novella. I should have been proofing Starfane for the print version. I should have been…. You get the picture. I’ve been LAZY! But this weekend has inspired me to get to work.

I spent Saturday with some wonderful people. I arrived at the home of Susan Bischoff in time to eat some wonderful taco soup with her and Kait Nolan. We had tons of fun, talking a little shop, laughing at Twilight spoofs on YouTube, and just enjoying each other’s company. Later in the afternoon, Andrew Mocete and his lovely wife arrived. We all went out to dinner and had a really good time. The only bad thing about the restaurant is that it was too loud to talk to everyone at the table, since the football game was on and there were a lot of fans there. We got to watch Tennessee lose to Florida. 😦 My biggest regret was that I had other obligations on Sunday and couldn’t join everyone then. But I felt really lucky to be able to at least spend my Saturday with such awesome people. It has definitely kicked my butt a little and made me want to get back to writing!

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