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I’ve been reading so many indie authors lately that I’ve really neglected some of my old traditional favorites. I’m finding myself really “jonesin'” for Preston & Child. This is the kind of stuff I used to read all the time before I got hooked on paranormal romance. I need a break from PR, not only because I’ve been reading a lot of it, but also because I WRITE it. So I need to read something a little different. My favorite books by these guys are the Agent Pendergast novels. He is such an odd character, but he grows on you more and more as the series goes along. I think there’s one that I haven’t read yet (and one to come later in the year). But here’s the problem. Because they are traditionally published, the book I haven’t read is $8.99 for the ebook. Now this is lower in price than many trad authors’ books, but I’m used to paying reasonable indie prices. I usually get audiobooks from the library for trad books. So I’m wondering if I can make myself pay $8.99. I didn’t see the audiobook at the library. Another reason for waiting on the audiobook besides price is I love the atmosphere the reading of these books creates. But I NEED a Preston & Child fix now! Hmmm…maybe I should download the audio version….

So who else likes Preston & Child? I know Andrew Mocete is a fan like me! Anyone else? Does anyone else have eclectic reading tastes like I do, or do you stick to one genre? Tell me!


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I just finished a book by Douglas Preston called “Impact”. I love both Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and I especially love them when they write together. Their Agent Pendergast books are great. Another author friend, Andrew Mocete, shares my love for these authors. I thought “Impact” was an awesome book, and I especially enjoyed it as an audiobook because the reader was so awesome.

I don’t know what made me pop over to Amazon to look at the reviews. To my shock, there were more one star reviews on this book than anything else. Really? People were giving DOUGLAS PRESTON one star reviews? I think the book ended up with an average of three stars because there were almost as many five stars, and some other stars in between. My books range from an AVERAGE of 3 stars to 5 stars. As much as I feel like my writing is getting better, I am NOT as good as Douglas Preston. It’s true that he writes in a completely different genre, but still…. At this point, I think I’m just going to disregard bad reviews. I’ve been pretty good at doing that this year, anyway, but now those bad reviews seem even more ridiculous (some of them were pretty weird, LOL). Does that mean I’m going to disregard the good reviews? Absolutely not. Because if someone likes my book and goes to the trouble to write a good review, I’m going to respect them enough to appreciate that.

So what makes me absolutely love this book, full of adventure and suspense, and yet makes others dislike it so much? Who knows? Reading likes and dislikes are so subjective. So, in your journey as a writer, be prepared to get all kinds of reviews from all kinds of readers. Some will like your work; some will not. Just keep writing what you love. And for those of you who are readers…keep those good reviews coming! LOL

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