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I’m feeling accomplished today. Why? Because I spent ALL DAY yesterday working. I was editing for a client (actually finishing up one and working all day on the other), and I got things done. AND I finished edits on my second mystery novel (on another pen name) that has been sitting there waiting for me to finish that. It should have been done a long time ago, but I just didn’t have time. I just sent it to my mom, who is my last line of defense against errors. Somehow, she always catches little things my editor and I miss. Go figure. AND I wrote for about 20 minutes on the sequel to Soul of a Vampire. I love Saturdays where I don’t have to do anything but my work.

Also, I started the 21 Day Fix on Friday. The food part is hard because I don’t get as many carbs as I’m used to, and I have to eat nasty vegetables. Bleh. And I’m staying pretty hungry, but I’m sure I’ll get used to eating less. The exercise is kicking my butt. Friday was Total Body Cardio, and yesterday was Upper Fix. I don’t know how I’m going to do Lower Fix this evening since I can barely walk. I just took some ibuprofen for the pain. But I’m going to get through this 21 days, then I’ll be used to eating smaller portions.

So, yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. 🙂 How are y’all doing?


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I feel like I’m really accomplishing things this month. 19% of the month has gone, but I’m at 29% of my monthly goal, so that’s good. I’ve written 3653 words in the past three days. Also good. I’m almost done with the novella I’m writing for an anthology, so it will be off to editors/beta readers soon. Then I can concentrate on the other two books in the queue. I really think it’s possible I’ll make my 150,000 word count goal for 2015!

By the way, I broke a rule in one of the sentences in that first paragraph. Who can tell me what it was? 😉

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I’m just sitting here on a Sunday morning before church, drinking a cup of coffee, and reflecting on yesterday. I got so much accomplished…house cleaning, laundry, using my new steamer on the floor…and writing. I’m now ahead of my goal by 640 words. I like being ahead so that when something happens that I don’t get to write one day, I don’t get behind. Being ahead is a great feeling. And I’m really getting into the story. Sometimes that takes awhile, and I think it has to do with getting to know my characters.

How is everyone else doing?

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