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Writing is still going well. I finished the novella for the anthology under the Catherine pen name. It’s not due until late summer, so I’m going to set that aside a little while, then go back to it for editing later. I might add a scene or two at that time, depending how I feel about it after letting it simmer.

I’ve written a couple of scenes in the second Hemlock Ridge Mysteries series under the Catherine name. I actually started that novella with pen and paper since I was at a diner with no laptop with me. Wow, now I remember why I love my computer.

I’m going to try to write the Hemlock Ridge novella and the sequel to Soul of a Vampire simultaneously. I’ve tried to write books that way before and have never been able to. But I love a challenge, so I’ll try once more. I really need a book for both pen names.

I have FOUR proofreading jobs coming to me soon. It’s going to be challenging to write every day while that’s going on. My deadlines on these jobs are going to be tighter than I’ve had to deal with before. What I’m going to try to do is, during the time I’m proofreading, only write about 500 words per day. That will take me 20-30 minutes, and I’m going to take that time if I can. I can’t put my writing completely aside while proofreading like I’ve done in the past. I have an hour at lunch and somewhere around three hours at home (unless my eyes give out sooner). That will leave me about an hour to spend time with my husband. As long as I use my time wisely, I think I can pull all this off. You probably won’t see me online at night for awhile. And housework? Forget it!

That’s about it. I’ll be overwhelmed for the next month and a half, but I’ll get through it. This might just be good for me. 🙂


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