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Writing is still going pretty good. I’m still on target for my monthly word count goal.

Here’s the whining part, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We are so far behind at work. Farther behind than I realized. We had an employee die about three weeks ago, and now they’ve taken away my assistant and put him in that position. It’s better for him but awful for me. Now I’m even more overworked. I went into the other office and found just HOW far behind stuff is. And I’m the only one who is available to do it except our truck driver who SOMETIMES comes into the office and helps me. I’ve had a headache all week by the time I get home in the evenings. My acid reflux has been acting up the past two days, even though I’m on medication for it. I’ve been on the verge of tears for days. Part of it is because I’m missing the employee, a good friend, who died. But part of it is the frustration of trying to do the work of about three people. I hope all this stress doesn’t seriously impact my writing.

/end of whining

On a more positive note, I’ve joined a FB group started by a friend who is a coach for Beach Body. I signed up for a free membership on the website. I’m seriously thinking about using their meal replacement shakes (Shakeology) for one meal a day. There’s stuff in this shake that’s not in any other, including a BUNCH of super foods. It’s expensive, but if it replaces lunch AND my vitamins/minerals, then it’s actually saving me money. I bought a sample pack with one of each flavor to see if I like it. It’s got so much good for you stuff in it, it can’t taste THAT good. LOL


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