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I’ve had to let my writing go just a bit. I have two proofreading jobs I’m working on right now. I’m about 3/4 finished with the first one, and I’m a little way into the second one. I hope to wrap up the first one by the weekend. I just can’t do all three things at once.

I probably wouldn’t have to set my writing aside, but I have a bunch of things going on besides the proofreading. I went over some of these in my last post, so I won’t bore you with all of that. The only change is that one of our church elders who was very sick has now passed away, so there will be a funeral tomorrow night. Life just gets all kinds of crazy.

I interviewed someone yesterday to replace my assistant, and I really hope she takes the job. This will be the first time in a long time there’s been another female besides me working here if she does. I guess I’ll have to share my bathroom. The upside is, she seems to be very organized, and none of the guys here are, so I’ll have a kindred spirit in that respect. *keeping fingers crossed*

I really hope life slows down some. Not the proofreading jobs. though! I want them to keep coming! 🙂

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